n g u y e n p h u o c v i n h c o

a learner  o f  t h e  U o G  


Striker /ˈstraɪkə(r)/: Tiền đạo. Từ ngữ đồng nghĩa: Attacker

Forward /ˈfɔːwəd/: Tiền đạo. Từ ngữ đồng nghĩa: Attacker  

Centre forward /ˌsentə ˈfɔːwəd/: Tiền đạo trung tâm

Midfielder /ˌmɪdˈfiːldə(r)/: Tiền vệ

Central midfielder /ˌsentrəl mɪdˈfiːldər/: Tiền vệ trung tâm

Defensive midfielder /dɪfensɪv mɪdˈfiːldə(r)/: Tiền vệ phòng ngự

Attacking midfielder /əˈtækɪŋ mɪdˈfiːldər /;: Tiền vệ tấn công

Winger /ˈwɪŋə(r)/: Tiền đạo cánh

Left winger / /ˌleftˈwɪŋər/: Tiền đạo cánh trái

Right winger /ˌraɪtˈwɪŋər/: Tiền đạo cánh phải

Defender /dɪˈfen.dər/: Hậu vệ. Từ ngữ đồng nghĩa: Back /bæk/

Centre back/ˌsentə ˈbæk/: Trung vệ. Từ ngữ đồng nghĩa: Centre half, center Defender

Fullback /ˈfʊlbæk/: Hậu vệ biên

Right back /rait bæk/: Hậu vệ phải

Left back /lɛft bæk/: Hậu vệ trái

Sweeper /ˈswiːpər/: Hậu vệ tự do, hậu vệ thòng. Từ ngữ đồng nghĩa: Libero : /ˈlibeːrəʊ/, /ˈlibərəʊ/

Stopper /ˈstɑpər/: Hậu vệ chặn

Goalkeeper /ˈɡəʊlkiːpə(r)/: Thủ môn


– But the striker has gone too early and is flagged for offside.

– He isn’t the cleanest striker of the ball.

– The 17-year-old striker grabbed two goals and was a constant menace.

– That is considered exceedingly good value for one of the most promising young strikers in English football.

– That is all part of the striker‘s goal celebration.

– He had a short spell as a striker two seasons ago but has mainly played on the wing, either side of his lengthy knee injury.

– He blossomed there, converted from right winger to centre forward.

– It is not acceptable that people from the sidelines were trying to get our centre forward sent off.

– Theo can play right wing and centre forward.

– Unusually for a big centre forward, he was also a prolific goalscorer.

– I was a centre midfielder back then.

– He played primarily as a left back, but also as centre back, left midfielder or centre midfielder.

– They started with three centre midfielders for the second time in the league this season.

– Football has moved on, and it’s now the centre midfielders who get the most attention.

– He started as a centre midfielder.

– Would we score more goals with a centre half?

– I played centre half, centre forward – anywhere but in goal.

– He is an outstanding centre-half but an unacceptable captain.

– He could have played at centre half.

– Best would have been a great centre-half, a great fullback.

– He was an old-fashioned centre half, very competitive.

– They were weak in the full-back positions and pedestrian in central midfield.

– He is unhappy though at being played out of position at full-back.

– At full-back the position is a matter of selecting the right style.

–  The modern game demands that your full-backs join in attacks.

– Madrid are interested in recruiting two attacking full-backs.

– Always a potent outlet down the right as an attacking full-back.

– There are many other good full-backs in England.

– The French full-back is suffering from a stress fracture of his lower back.

– Which player do I put in the full-back positions now?

– Both the left backs were let go in the summer.

– The club are looking for a left back, midfield player and forward.

– The left back was getting forward but not looking as quick or self-assured as he did earlier in the season.

Goalkeeper and defenders looked at each other in disgust.

Being an understudy is rather like being a reserve goalkeeper.

We have had four, five or six players and the goalkeeper missing with injuries.

Confidence is important for all players, especially goalkeepers.

A dead leg is much more of a problem for an outfield player than a goalkeeper.

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